Illuminate Your Life in Order to Keep Things Safe and Secure

Darkness is the greatest enemy of safety, I always say. Walking through a room in low light, even one with which you may be quite familiar, can cause you to trip and stumble of things you may not have seen. Imagine this situation in something like a workshop. Tripping over a piece of equipment or stepping on something you didn’t see could lead to hazardous consequences.

There are numerous ways to avoid this issue, some easier than others. Obviously, adding more lights is key, but how many and which kind can make all the difference. Workshop lights are great and can be placed in all kinds of locations. The kind with a hook on them can be hung and directed most anywhere. For more permanent solutions, consider adding fluorescent or LED lights.

Portable Light Bars

Though these are good ideas for a permanent workspace, what about when you’re mobile? Something you may want to consider are LED light bars. These devices can be placed on top of your vehicle, or, really, anywhere you would like. Not only do they put out incredible amounts of light, they also can be adjusted and focused to illuminate any space.

If you find yourself working in your yard and you don’t have enough light, forget turning on your headlights and shining them toward your work area, turn on one of these LED light bars and it will feel as though the sun has risen and you can get everything done in the glorious light of day. Other options exist, of course.

Pole Lights


One of my favorite tools for situations like these are lights mounted onto poles. Many of these have very wide illumination areas and, being on poles with a tripod base, can be placed anywhere you want them. Consider placing two of these around your work area, on opposite corners. This can provide excellent light coverage while still letting you adjust to your needs, should they change.

Consider Safety

This doesn’t just apply to workshop jobs, mind you. You may not be hanging lights all over the place in an office job to get more light, but making sure your visibility is good is important not only for you, but for the safety anyone who visits your office, as well. Having a member of the community fall and hurt themselves because they couldn’t see what was in front of them isn’t going to be good for your bottom line.


In short, avoid darkness. Brighten your life in any way possible. It’s going to lead to you having a less stressful day, not to mention the fact ambient light can help you if you’re staring at a computer screen all day. Use a lamp, use LED lights, use whatever you need to give yourself a work area which is safe for you and for anyone who may visit.